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Multiple Carpet Cleaning Services

There are a few ways of cleaning your carpets and have been recognized by professionals. At KINGS Carpet Cleaning, we not onlywork with cleaning your carpet but also provide the ways that can also restore the appearance of the carpet. Among the multiple techniques of carpet cleaning our team is acquainted with the best ways and products for the job to be done this way we can promise the best results and satisfaction to our customers regardless of how hard the job would be.

Following we have discussed some of the methods that our workers have refined over the years of time working in the field of carpet cleaning.

KINGS Steam Cleaning

The steam cleaning is the most efficient and common method to keep the carpet clean as well as for taking care of it, that is in the industry for ages. When we say steam cleaning it is clear that the process involves spraying the pressurised steam on the carpet.The steam penetrates deep into the carpet fabric and helps releasing the stuck dust particles from underneath the carpet.With the help of certain productsit kills the bacteria present inside the carpet. This way it does not only clean the carpet but also prevent the allergies that can be caused by the dusty carpet.And not to mention when the carpet cleaned by this method also lasts longer.

Hot Water Extraction Method

This process is very similar to the steam cleaning or somehow a subprocess of the steam cleaning.The Process consists of the two steps. Firstly, likely to the steam clean the hot water mixed with the cleaning solution is sprayed on the carpet. However, in this case the amount of water sprayed is much more than that of the steam.The water when enters the carpet breaks down the solidified dirt on the surface that makes the carpet look much cleaner. Following that, the second step includes the double vacuum pump to extract the water infused with the dirt from the carpet leaving a clean surface behind free of all the dirt.

Carpet Shampooing

As the name depicts, carpet shampooing cleans the carpetwith a specific shampoo that reaches all the way down to the carpet base and dissolves allthe dirt particles that could prove very difficult to remove by just using steam cleaner. The shampoo is usually used for carpet areas which has not been cleaned in a long time or which gets used the most such as, pathways.Along with the deep cleaning of the carpet it also provides the nourishment to the carpet strands and helps it to age slower.

Odour Removal Services

Most of the times, people never notice the smell inside their house. They don’t realize it as they get used to it with time while living there. But when a guest arrives at the housefor visit, they get to notice it instantly. And that is embarrassing. The smell in the carpet occurs because of the bacteria in itthat gets active in the summer and while a heater is running in winters the activation of bacteria with heatresults into a foul odour in the house. To prevent yourself from this embarrassment KINGS carpet cleaners, use the bio-enzymes-based carpet cleaning solutions, that acts instantly on the bacteria and make the stench go away once and for all. Along with that the deodorization is also done which leaves an amazing ambience in the house.

Flea Treatment Carpet Cleaning

In many houses it has been observed that we are accompanied by some unwanted guests that can make our nights restless. That are flea and ticks which may reside in your house near the bed, couch and specially where there are pets. Getting rid of these uninvited guests own your on can be troublesome. As they can move firmly and quickly in the carpet fibre. To deal with such pest problems our team works with special cleaning products that don’t only get rid of these pests but also prevent them from coming back for next few months.

KINGS Carpet Stain Removal

Spilled your favourite drink or food on your carpet do not worry.Our team of professionals will make you say goodbye to the stains.With our stain treatment process most of the stains go out quickly and effortlessly remove any spots from your carpet on the same day.

The stain treatment does not guarantee the complete removal of the stain as it varies on the several aspects of the process.