There are a few ways you can clean your carpets, widely recognized by professionals. However, attempting and executing them can be challenging owing to the lack of tools and adequate knowledge about accurate techniques. That’s where our team of carpet cleaners at Kings Carpet Cleaning come to your aid.

We are a team of professionals trained in cleaning and restoring different types of carpets and rugs. As the leading provider of carpet cleaning services in Geelong, we are well-acquainted with multiple techniques, along with the accuracy of the product used for a particular type of carpet. We strive to deliver the best results and satisfaction to our clients regardless of how hard the job. If you are seeking carpet cleaning in the Geelong area for your house or office, we are at your service.


Carpet Steam Cleaning

Carpet steam cleaning is the most popular and efficient technique to clean rugs and carpets. It has been in the industry for ages, and professionals swear by its effectiveness. The process involves spraying pressurized steam on the carpet. The steam penetrates deep within the carpet fabric, releasing dust, dirt and grime to the surface. We use certain products to kill the bacteria breeding in the carpet. Our carpet steam cleaning service not only cleans the carpet but also eliminates the allergens that can cause respiratory or other diseases. The steam cleaning technique extends the longevity of the carpet, keeping it as good as new.

Odour Removal Services

Living indoors, we often fail to realize the odours emanating from our dirty carpets and rugs. However, a guest will notice it the very instant that he enters the living room, which is embarrassing. You would not want to create such an impression! What causes the smell in your carpet? If you don’t follow a periodical cleaning regimen for your carpet, it causes bacteria growth leading to a foul odour inside the house. To prevent this embarrassment Kings Carpet Cleaning brings you odour removal services. We use bio-enzymes-based carpet cleaning solutions. It acts instantly on the bacteria and makes the stench go away once and for all. Along with that, we also deodorize the carpet giving your home a fresh ambience.

Flea Treatment Services

Keeping the carpet unclean can lead to flea and tick infestation. It can spread to other areas of the house too, like the bed, couch, etc. This is a cautionary tale for people with pets in their houses. But no worries, our expert team can take care of that. We offer flea treatment alongside carpet cleaning in North Geelong. To deal with such pest problems our team works with special rug cleaning products that only get rid of these pests but also prevent them from relapsing for the next few months.


Spills and stains are common carpet mishaps indoors. That’s why we also offer carpet stain removal services. Say goodbye to stubborn stains with Kings Carpet Cleaning. We use n advanced stain treatment process that eliminates all kinds of stains from your carpet, fast and effortlessly. Don’t worry about the service charges, we offer stain removal and carpet cleaning at best Geelong prices.

The stain treatment does not guarantee the complete removal of the stain as it varies on several aspects of the process.

Urine Stains Removal

Houses with pets and toddlers often face this issue, leaving a stubborn yellow stain and stench on the carpet. Kings Carpet Cleaning helps you to get rid of the stain with advanced stain removal techniques. We follow up by deodorizing the carpet to remove the foul odour.

Red Wine Stain Removal

Red wine leaves stains on the carpet and rug fibres that can be hard to clean. But that does not mean you will leave a red stain on your beautiful carpet. We can help you by removing the stain using advanced cleaning tools and products, without damaging the look and feel of the carpet. So, hire us for carpet cleaning and stain removal service today.

Food and Coffee Stain Removal

Food and coffee stains are the most common that we tackle in our line of work. These stains can stay on the carpet forever if no immediate action is taken. To prevent the lasting effects of such stains it must be bloated very carefully with the cleaning powder. Follow up by immediately contacting us for professional cleaning and stain removal.


Same Day Carpet Cleaning Service

Do you want your carpets and upholstery to be cleaned on the same day? You have arrived at the right place. Kings Carpet Cleaning is the one-stop destination for all your carpet cleaning needs, whether it is for your home or your business.

We offer carpet steam cleaning, carpet repair and restoration along with furniture, upholstery, leather furniture, rugs, and mattress cleaning services at reasonable prices. We can provide our clients with same-day cleaning services ensuring satisfying results owing to the skills of our well-trained and experienced staff of expert carpet cleaners. Our advanced carpet steam cleaning process offers the shortest possible downtime! For emergency carpet cleaning in Geelong, give us a call, and we will be at your doorstep for immediate assistance. For more details, give us a call today!