Carpet repair is the process of removing the damaged part of a carpet, replacing it with a fresh patch similar to the original design. Damage to a carpet can happen due to multiple reasons. The type of damage and carpet variety will determine the repair technique. Whatever it may be, if you require professional expertise to repair and restore your carpet, don’t hesitate to call Kings Carpet Cleaning. We have adequate skills in carpet burn repair, patch repair, stretching, and damage caused by pets. Just give us a call and let us take over for the best results.

The carpet can get damaged by common household mishaps burns from cigarette ashes, or forgetting a hot iron on the carpet. Well, you don’t have to worry, as we can fix all kinds of carpet damage.

There is a distinct remedy for each type of carpet damage, and our team is well-adept in the different repair methods. We replace the damaged section with a new patch matching the design and colour of the carpet. However, this can only be done if the affected area is not too large. Besides that, bleach stains on the carpet are nearly impossible to remove. There is no way to remove some of the carpet stains and restore the carpet to its original state. Nevertheless, we will try our best to bring back your carpet to its original state using our affordable carpet repair service in Geelong. Give us a call to book a service slot.


Carpet restretching is a form of repair service that we offer our clients. For years, the carpet industry has struggled with the dimensional stability of carpets. The problem is majorly observed with in tufted carpets. When a tufted carpet is stretched, it suffers stress relaxation over time, which causes the carpet to buckle, wrinkle, and become sloppy. It is fair to say that the carpet loses its shape and firmness. Even though woven carpets are rarely re-stretched, the carpet buckling issue happens due to its tufted construction.

Carpet restretching is the only technique that saves your carpet from permanent damage but it can be expensive and not everyone knows how to do it effectively. Our experts at Kings Carpet Cleaning have investigated and comprehended the influence of the components on the stress relaxation of carpets, providing the best solution for the different carpets. We offer restretching solutions to ensure the carpet lasts long without losing its flexibility and shape.


Based in Melbourne, Kings Carpet Cleaning is the most trusted company for carpet cleaning and repair. Our team comprises trained professionals with years of experience working on different types of carpets. We are adept in seam repair or torn carpet repair services that save both time and money.

In most circumstances, if your carpet is damaged, you can replace the affected area with a bonded insert of the same carpet. These inserts cover up unattractive damage to make the carpet more appealing. A bonded insert or carpet repair is accomplished by carefully cutting off the damaged area and replacing it with the same or a comparable carpet patch.

Kings Carpet Cleaning can carefully repair carpet damage caused by pets and restore the elegance of your favourite home décor item.! Anything from large to a small patch carpet repair to carpet burn mark repairs and seam splits, we can do it all. We at Kings Carpet Cleaning delicately manoeuvre carpet wax damage that might be deemed beyond repair by some.Our highly competent professionals, are proficient in their job with the morale to deliver the best service to our clients.

Kings Carpet Cleaning has a resolution for every tribulation. Our experience will equip you with possibilities that I am sure you were unaware existed. We have the best solutions for all your carpet woes. For carpet repair & restretching in Geelong, call us today.